Every year, millions of Monarch butterflies migrate from Canada to Mexico. They rely on their internal magnetic compass to find their way. They always know where they come from and where they go to. It takes four moults to the caterpillar of the Monarch specie to become a chrysalis and then a brightly coloured butterfly. Four moults to become to be and to deploy.

Migrations and journeys of all kinds together with crossing different path of life bring us to discover new cultures where new identities are formed.

This is Home. This is Maison Monarque


What does it mean to be French? When you have got French-Canadian children, when you are married to a Senegalese?

How to name your children? How to dress? How to marry without erasing your past, integrate without forgetting where you come from?




Create your identity

For 13 years, Clelia lived and worked in marketing in Ireland and in England. Back in France, she met her future husband, a man of Senegalese origin. They have three children and a growing conviction to find another way to be : a third way, totally unique. The family celebrations question the way to dress, the culture to be given to our children, it is not the culture of their dad + the culture of their mother,

The subject then is no longer to know whether or not to wear a “boubou” at traditional family events but how to create a unique clothing identity, at the crossroads of several worlds, which respects the natural cultural crossbreeding of the family.

Maison Monarque is in germ.



French taste is shared

Following her career as a producer of multimedia entertainment, Mélinda lived in Canada for 7 years. There she founded a family and made a decision: ok not to catch the slightest word of conversations in French Quebec during family meals but yes to intercultural exchange, it worked both ways. Mélinda shopped, bought good wine and started cooking to allow her Canadian family to discover the gastronomy of her home country.

Back in France, her son continues to wear the Quebec fleur-de-lys and learns to live with a little sister born in France. Family ties without borders. There is something like that about Maison Monarque.




Maison Monarque

Our beliefs :

To be true

Authenticity is one of our arbitration criteria. We want to stay true to what we do with Maison Monarque, true to our values. Every decision we take is discussed so as to maintain the greatest possible coherence between our choices and our convictions.

To say “we”

The “we” is the first person plural. The third identity and cultural path that is important to us. Our entrepreneurial adventure is plural. We are two sisters, three friends, three partners, we work with our partners.

This “we” symbolizes what we are,what we wear: plurality, diversity.

This is where the unique is born!  

To be conscencious

At our level, we hope that the actions of Maison Monarque will have an effect on lifestyle changes as responsible consumption is concerned. As such, we take great care in selecting our partners and production lines.  Everything must have meaning and be consistent with our general philosophy of respect for people.

To put the human in the center

Pleasure in work is the pillar of Maison Monarque. All three, we love fashion, we love to undertake, we love to create. In order for our project to make sense, it is essential for everyone to have fun. Us three, but also our partners, our community and our customers. Trust and sharing is at the heart of our business model.  

Enterprising with humour

Two sisters raised in the culture of the valve, and a friend who is not the last. Humour and derision are part of our way of being. No discussion, no work without joking. We can not do otherwise and this makes it possible not to take ourselves too seriously.