02 December 2018

Fair Trade and organic tissues

By creating our first Maison Monarque collection, we had the desire to design clothes that say “I know where I come from”.

Our desire to respect the origins required to be consistent about our supply and production channels.

Beyond its function, we think that the garment is a support of values.

We had to deal with two paths: what we do not want and what we want.

We do not want a consumerist brand. No fast brand. No scheduled obsolescence. We do not want a brand that enslaves, exploits, mistreats. We do not want a brand that marginalizes, stigmatizes, excludes. We do not want a brand that exploits people and destroys our planet.

We want a conscious, responsible, transparent brand. We want a brand that respects people.

A brand synonymous with solidarity, development. A joyful and lasting brand. A rare and unique brand. A brand with a human face and an ethical creativity.

Beyond the “We love fashion” that motivated the creation of Maison Monarque, we want our brand to participate in a world in motion that reinvents every day new models more sustainable.

More specifically, we want our project to participate in the ongoing “fashion revolution”. Li Edelkoort, a forecaster of fashion: “Today, everything is absurd in fashion. I would change everything”

Today, everyone on his own scale, has this power. We want a fashion world that generates fulfillment for everyone.


Our choices:

Scarcity :

Limited collections, in small series.

The overcycling :

Up-cycling: the process of valuing tissues destined for destruction. We are careful in the assembly and cutting of the patterns of our tops and accessories, to maximize the tissue and avoid wasting resources.

A responsible sector :

Workshops production in Portugal, which guarantee respectful and dignified working conditions for its employees.


Other measures, other choices, other projects are being studied to go even further. Follow us !

Some adventures…

On the 13TH of October 2018, Hurricane Leslie hit Portugal, heavily impacting the North West Region where our supplier of Organic Cotton is based. The impact of the hurricane resulted in Power failures, property damage, and closures to the transport infrastructure.   As transportation remains at a standstill  our  supply of organic textiles for our collection did not arrive on time at our workshop.

For us, it was essential that Maison Monarque made our collection available to you before Christmas. For this reason, we have commenced producing our garments with an alternative supplier of 100% cotton, which is not organic, until our Portuguese organic cotton reaches our workshop. We will keep you updated on this…..