Our vision


By creating our first Maison Monarque collection, we had the desire to design clothes that say “I know where I come from”.

Our desire to respect the origins, required to be consistent with our values by asking ourselves about our supply and production channels.

We had to deal with two paths: what we not want and what we want.  


We do not want a consumerist fashion. Not a fast fashion. No scheduled obsolescence. We do not want a fashion that enslaves, exploits, mistreats. We do not want a fashion that marginalizes, stigmatizes, excludes. We do not want a fashion that exploits people and destroys our planet.  

We want a conscious, responsible, transparent fashion which is conscious of its resources.

A fashion synonymous with solidarity, development, inclusion. A joyful and lasting fashion. A rare and unique fashion. A fashion with a human face and an ethical creativity.  

Beyond the “We love fashion” that motivated the creation of Maison Monarque, we want our brand to participate in a world in motion that reinvents, every day, new models more sustainable. More specifically, we want our project to participate in the ongoing “fashion revolution”. We aim for a fashion that generates fulfillment for everyone.