Your committed fashion designer in Angers

Discover a new way of conceiving committed fashion in Angers with Monarque, where ethics mixes with elegance. Discover our unique collections created from upcycled or recycled materials, for a conscious and responsible style.

We don't want consumerist fashion. No fast fashion. No planned obsolescence. We do not want fashion that enslaves, exploits, mistreats.

No limitless bidding wars. We do not want a fashion that marginalizes, stigmatizes, excludes. We don't want fashion that exploits people and destroys our planet. We want conscious, responsible, transparent fashion that takes care of its resources, human and natural. We want fashion that respects people, know-how, and balance.

A fashion synonymous with solidarity, development, inclusion. Joyful and sustainable fashion. A rare and unique fashion. Fashion with a human face and ethical creativity.

Recycled, upcycled or labeled materials

Sourcing materials in ready-to-wear is a real challenge: quality of materials, traceability, labels….Materials that correspond to our values, that is to say, made to last but which impact our planet as little as possible.

This is how we made the choice to turn to material upcycling. Today many of the major French fashion houses keep ends of rolls, the small quantity of which does not allow them to produce their new collections.

And yet what treasures: Cashmere, silk, woolen cloth…materials of incredible quality. We therefore buy these dormant stocks to give them a second life and thus create our collections. Materials that are not upcycled are recycled and/or labeled. For example, we attach great importance to the GOTS label, which is today the most demanding standard in terms of ecology.

Our fabrics from elsewhere are fabrics chosen for their ethics and for their quality. No wax comes from Africa because it is mainly the Chinese who manufacture wax today, which is why the wax we choose comes from the Netherlands. Our Japanese fabric comes from a traditional and family workshop located near Tokyo, it is made of cotton.

Our Workshops

Before choosing a workshop, we will systematically visit it, which is why the proximity of European countries seemed easier to us at this level. Human relations and knowing the working conditions in our partner workshops are an essential criterion for us. On the other hand, we choose the workshops according to their specialties.

In Portugal, we work with an Atelier specializing in blazers, and another for shirts. It is also in this same country that we work with a talented model maker with nimble fingers. In Roubaix, we work with L'Atelier Agile, a workshop created by the Fashion Green Hub association. This workshop specializes in reducing the carbon impact of the sector. In Troyes we have our sweaters made in a family workshop which has mastered the art of knitting and wool for several generations In Paris Julie works on choice pieces by mastering velvet, cotton, embroidery A Cholet à la Séguinière, we work with a workshop for our Design prints and our flocking. As for our shoes, our choice fell on Tuscany with Paolo whose know-how impressed us, alone in his Workshop he would almost kiss his shoes as he puts his heart into them.

Delphine Foviaux

Cuts that fall to perfection, incredible materials and designers who listen. In addition, it is a local, ethical and responsible brand, what more could you ask for? This workshop boutique is a great idea to be able to try out their creations in a cozy setting and discover the designers on display (jewellery, bags, etc.) In short, I recommend In short, I recommend!

Adele Bauville

What a surprise to find such a shop in Angers. The saleswomen are wonderful, the fabrics, the colors, the cuts! Everything is perfect !!! A great discovery. I was all the rage at New Year's with my dress 😘 thank you Maison Monarque

Anne-sophie Chauvelon

Very nice shop, right in the center of Angers.
The clothes are original with different styles. I loved the sales assistants' advice on finding "the ideal piece" suited to my morpho, my style and their suggestions for matching it with my wardrobe. A big thank-you !