Fashion Made in Europe in your ready-to-wear workshop in Angers.

Just like Monarch butterflies who know their origin and destination, our Made in Europe fashion finds its essence in travel. Beyond borders, our ready-to-wear workshop in Angers offers you a unique experience to reveal your conscious and elegant style. Traveling is much more than just physically moving around. It’s about wearing ethical and chic fashion with pride.

An Enriching Journey

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Embrace the Extraordinary

Monarque is a brand that aspires to stand out. It is both nomadic and daring, seeking to take you out of your usual comfort zone to open you to the riches and diversity of the world, even several worlds.

We embody a feeling of freedom, free from constraints and free to live at our own pace.

A Sensory Experience

Clothes are much more than fabrics, but witnesses to our experiences, transmitting the intensity and richness of our multiple lives. They give their particularity to our human skins. They say before us, who we are, where we come from, how we live. Monarque was born so that clothing at the crossroads of identities could exist.

Clothes that don't choose, don't give up, don't erase anything. Demanding clothes that claim the power of crossbreeding, which celebrate the tremendous creative wealth born from diversity. Clothes that allow nobility to be in its place, unique.

Delphine Foviaux

Perfect cuts, incredible materials and attentive designers. In addition, it is a local, ethical and responsible brand, what more could you ask for? This boutique workshop is a great idea to be able to try their creations in a cozy setting and discover the creators on display (jewelry, bags, etc.) In short, I recommendIn short, I recommend!

Adele Bauville

What a surprise to find such a store in Angers. The salespeople are wonderful, the fabrics, the colors, the cuts! Everything is perfect !!! A great discovery. I was all the rage at New Year’s with my dress 😘 thank you Maison Monarque

Anne-sophie Chauvelon

Very nice boutique, right in the center of Angers. The clothes are original with different styles. I loved the salespeople's advice on finding "the ideal piece" suited to my body shape, my style and their suggestions for matching it with my wardrobe. A big thank-you !