Monarque, pioneers of sustainable creation

Our story is a passionate quest for a responsible future in the world of fashion. Discover our commitment to ethical excellence and our contribution to a more sustainable industry

Monarque embodies the love and soul of three sisters, Melinda , Clélia and Julia . Originally from the French countryside, they grew up in harmony with nature. Their awakening to this immersion gave them a deep love for nature and a thirst to discover its wonders.

As we traveled the globe, inspired by our quest, we were captivated by the unique fabrics and designs we discovered. We saw how different cultures could intertwine to create striking beauty. Driven by this vision, we felt a powerful desire to share our passion with the world.

An Inspiring Cultural Fusion

Melinda, the eldest, had the pleasure of raising a Franco-Canadian family, thus experiencing the richness of a cultural fusion. Clélia, the youngest, united her life with that of a Franco-Senegalese and raised children from these two cultures. Our personal experience has instilled in us the importance of preserving and celebrating cultural diversity, a philosophy we have infused into the Monarque brand. Julia, the youngest, shares our love of different cultures and raises her children with an open mind and a deep appreciation of diversity. Together, we are determined to highlight the power of fashion as a vector of positive change and cultural exchange.

The Beauty of United Differences

Through our brand, we try to create much more than just a ready-to-wear collection. Monarque embodies a living celebration of diversity, sustainability and cultural exchange. It's a powerful reminder of our interconnectedness and the beauty that emanates from our differences.

Our passion for fashion is matched only by our love for the world and the people who inhabit it. Monarque is both a vibrant tribute to the splendor that surrounds us and an invitation to join us on our journey of exploration and discovery.

The Emotional Strength of a Strong Woman

The paths we followed raised questions
deep on place, roots and identity. We wondered about what it means to be French when you have Franco-Canadian children, or when you are married to a Senegalese man. We have sought to reconcile the preservation of our traditions while opening ourselves to new influences.

Because a strong woman is not the one who raises her voice, but the one who draws inexhaustible emotional strength. She is a determined woman who stops nothing, a woman who lives in the present and does not back down from the difficulties encountered. It is this strength that guides us within Monarque, a brand imbued with love, diversity and resilience.

Delphine Foviaux

Perfect cuts, incredible materials and attentive designers. In addition, it is a local, ethical and responsible brand, what more could you ask for? This boutique workshop is a great idea to be able to try their creations in a cozy setting and discover the creators on display (jewelry, bags, etc.) In short, I recommend In short, I recommend!

Adele Bauville

What a surprise to find such a store in Angers. The salespeople are wonderful, the fabrics, the colors, the cuts! Everything is perfect !!! A great discovery. I was all the rage at New Year’s with my dress 😘 thank you Maison Monarque

Anne-sophie Chauvelon

Very nice boutique, right in the center of Angers. The clothes are original with different styles. I loved the salespeople's advice on finding "the ideal piece" suited to my body shape, my style and their suggestions for matching it with my wardrobe. A big thank-you !