Monarque House

I know where I come from

We create clothes that claim the freedom to celebrate one's history, one's roots, one's heritage, the freedom to feel oneself and in one's place everywhere in the world. Our unwavering respect for origins has pushed us to question our supply and production chains in a quest for absolute consistency.

The story of our Elias Jacket

The Elias Jacket, created by Mélinda and Clélia, breathes a breath of freedom into our collection. Ultra oversized, mixing eco-responsible tencel and lambskin, this "street" style jacket promises comfort and style to the women who wear it. Created in very small quantities, it is a strong piece that will last through the years with complete peace of mind.

The symbolism of our Parisian Bird Shirt

Discover our oversized shirt in recycled satin, inspired by the legendary Japanese cranes. Symbol of elegance and magic, this unique piece transports you to the ancestral history of Japan. Wrapped in soft satin, let yourself be guided towards a sophisticated and mysterious style. Wear this shirt with pride as a symbol of your individuality and commitment to sustainability. A promise of peace and prosperity accompanies you

Delphine Foviaux

Perfect cuts, incredible materials and attentive designers. In addition, it is a local, ethical and responsible brand, what more could you ask for? This boutique workshop is a great idea to be able to try their creations in a cozy setting and discover the creators on display (jewelry, bags, etc.) In short, I recommend!

Adele Bauville

What a surprise to find such a store in Angers. The salespeople are wonderful, the fabrics, the colors, the cuts! Everything is perfect !!! A great discovery. I was all the rage at New Year’s with my dress 😘 thank you Maison Monarque

Anne-sophie Chauvelon

Very nice shop, right in the center of Angers.
The clothes are original with different styles. I loved the salespeople's advice on finding "the ideal piece" suited to my body shape, my style and their suggestions for matching it with my wardrobe. A big thank-you !